The national hub has two alumni collectives: The Grand Valley Institution for Women (GVI) collective and a community-based collective. Both collectives are involved in a variety of activities aimed at supporting the development of W2B classes, public workshops on education, criminalization and imprisonment, and research and scholarship on the impact of W2B classes. Lived experience of criminalization and imprisonment provide the foundation of both collectives. Both inside and outside collective members are active in producing scholarship on the impact of W2B classes.

GVI Collective
The central responsibility of the GVI Collective is to design and facilitate the annual Instructor Training for educators interested in learning our teaching model. Inside members of the GVI collective work as Teaching Support for W2B professors. Collective members assist with supporting professors teaching in Canada and design workshops and research about criminalization, gender, education, employment and social justice.

Community Collective
The W2B community collective delivers workshops in community and university settings. The perspectives, voices and experiences of people with lived experience of incarceration are foregrounded in our workshops as we model the W2B pedagogy and facilitate innovative ways of engaging in dialogue about criminalization, imprisonment, stigma, education and employment. Participants have described our workshops as “transformative”, “enlightening”, “motivating” and “inspiring”!