Video clip by field producer Jeyan Jeganathan, November 30, 2018

Walls to Bridges: The Positive Effect of Education in Prison
John Howard Society of Canada Blog, July 10, 2018

University-Prison Partnership Brings Hope to Incarcerated Learners
Article about Walls to Bridges, University Affairs, Bruno Vompean, June 8, 2018

Students Learn to Get Over Stigma by Studying with Prisoners
Article about Walls to Bridges, NOW Magazine,  February 14, 2018

Breaking Down the Walls
Interview with Dr. Kym Mclaren, Philosphy Department, Ryerson University and Lorraine, Walls to Bridges alumni, Ryerson Today,  December 19, 2017

Philosophy in Prison
Radio interview with two Walls to Bridges Alumni and Matt Galloway, Metro Morning, CBC Radio, December 5, 2017

Listening to the Truth of Myself: A Letter from Inside/Out Prison Exchange
Denise, Walls to Bridges alumni from Grand Valley Institution for Women, Centre for Courage & Renewal, December 9, 2014

Turning ideas about crime and imprisonment inside out
Article about Laurier students and students in prison taking classes together, The Waterloo Region Record, March 3, 2014

Going to Prison
Article about W2B at Wilfrid Laurier University, The Cord, February 28, 2012

Women See the Other Side
Article about the first class at Grand Valley Institution for Women,  The Toronto Star, December 27, 2011

Publications about Walls to Bridges

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Impact of Walls to Bridges Classes on Correctional Facilities
Shoshana Pollack & Jessica Hutchison, 2018

Walls to Bridges: Report on the Impacts on Students

Shoshana Pollack, 2016